Kirra Lynne Slave To BBC


Horny blonde Kirra Lynn watches her strong black bull outdoors. She can't resist his power, so she puts on a slutty outfit to seduce him. As she lingers in her kitchen drinking a mimosa, she watches him from afar and imagines his cock deep within her, making her pussy wet and she puts her leg on the glass table and begins to rub her wet pink pussy. Her fingers don’t do the tremendous cock justice, she rubs her tight little asshole, wanting and wishing for her black king to come indoors and destroy her. He sees her touching herself from the pool, it’s like his ivory queen to be doing some shit like that. He goes in to check on her and she tells him that she’s just missing his cock. He squeezes her titties and she grabs his cock before pulling his pants down to reveal his BBC, she strokes him before trying to fit his thick cock in her mouth, her jaw almost unhinging trying to shove him in her mouth until he hits the back of her throat. Prince, now extremely hard for his girl, turns her around and eats the booty like groceries to lube her up before he shoves his massive dong in her tight pink pussy. Kirra, now filled with a huge black cock moans and gasps at his prowess. It had been some time since her tight white pussy was stretched out, he thrusts back and forth and Kirra feeling every last one of his ridges. She firmly grasps the glass table as he fucks her harder and harder, she can barely stand from feeling so fucking good. He takes his cock out of her pussy and with some spit lubes up her asshole, slowly he pushes his thick cock against her tight hole and penetrates her and she gasps shrieks and moans. Kirra is filled and overcome with pleasure with every fuck her king gives her asshole, so much so that she starts to back her ass up onto him, taking control of the fucking, but this incentivizes him to fuck her even harder making her scream and moan harder. He lays her on the couch and continues to stretch out her beautiful asshole, fuck her harder and faster, she whimpers with joy, it had been too long. Kirra spreads her ass cheeks wider and wider for her king BBC, as she feels that he’s about to cum she gets on her knees and sucks him off until he blows his massive load from his massive cock, he fills her mouth with frothy white cum.


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