Tiffany Starr Can't Resist That Big Black Cock


Prince Yahshua, Tiffany Starr

Since 2004 there has been one name and one name only that shakes the porn world to its core: Prince Yahshua. With his unique style and one of a kind abilities, Prince has dominated the adult film industry since day one and paved the way for young black men in the porn world. Not only has Prince reinvented the game, but he has always provided every scene with something no one else can. No matter how many before and no matter how many will come after; there will always be Only Prince.

It was a normal day for Tiffany Starr until his able-bodied friend, Prince Yahshua, decided to visit and have some fun. They were just talking and then- BAM! — She just sat on his lap and gave him a sensual kiss. As any gentleman would do in the business, Prince decided to accept Tiffany’s advances. Their clothes magically disappeared amidst their actions. As soon as Prince Yahshua saw Tiffany’s raw pussy, he just went ahead licked the hell out of it. It’s a proper introduction for huge thing to come. Tiffany couldn’t resist on having a bit of taste for Prince Yahshua’s dick. The size didn’t stop her in seizing the whole length of it. In fact, she acted as if it’s the thing she’s been waiting for her whole life. Prince brings back the favor by manhandling Tiffany. He just carries her to go back and eat her out. It’s a matter of ease with his body. Then the main event comes. Prince Yahshua penetrated Tiffany’s pussy with no difficulty at all. This is quite a surprise because Prince is pretty huge for Tiffany. Maybe that just shows how Tiffany is so wet for him and wanting him since she saw him? We’ll never know. Her round ass and shaved pussy is quivering in anticipation Prince just took the most comfortable position for him the whole time. He just carries Tiffany around and just bench presses her body against his dick. Creativity might not be his strong suite but you can see here his dedication on keeping his body fit. Tiffany’s petite body just goes with the flow. She doesn’t have a choice anyway. Prince’s dick is overwhelming her. Even though Tiffany’s tits is not that big, it was able to jiggle because of the hard fucking. She can’t say anything else. She just moans wildly while clear satisfaction can still be heard. She totally got into it that she let him creampie her dirty hole.


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